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About The Farm

 Frank Mars, the founder of Mars Candy, built Milky WayFarm in the early 1930s after the success of his delicious candy bar. It was a showplace with a 20 bedroom Manor House, 30
barns, 70 cottages, champion racehorses, prize cattle, and sheep. The stone and wood work of fine craftsmen still grace the property today. The farm has had several owners through the years that have loved and protected this historic homeplace.

In 2010, Charles Jones and his daughter, Lynn Golden, bought the farm and began the work of restoration. They repaired roofs and barns, and placed the front acreage in protected agricultural easement with the help of the Tennessee Land Trust. In 2018, Lynn Golden and her sister Kathryn Hanley purchased the farm and have continued the work of  protecting the historic structures and the landscape of Milky Way Farm. They want to be good stewards of this historic landmark, use the farm to honor the God who created its beauty, maintain the legacy of its founder, and re-ignite the pride and fond memories of those who have worked to make the farm a Tennessee treasure.

Today Milky Way Farm operates as a special event and corporate meeting facility, hosting weddings, tours, and various public and private events throughout the year. The historic property spans over 1,100 acres of pastures and rolling hills with a few choice spots to take in a view for miles.
​We invite you to schedule a visit and come see why Frank Mars fell in love with the beautiful landscape of Milky
Way Farm. We think you will too!

Farmhouse and Pasture

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